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  • EXCEL/ Intelli - Brass Water Meters- ( ½ to 2”) Cast Iron Water meters ½” w/ brass tailpiece      

  • EXCEL/ Intelli - CI Flowmeters  Flange TYPE ( 2” to 10” ), Asahi, Arad, 

  • EXCEL/ Intelli-  Blue Plastic water meters ( non- return mechanism ½” )

  • Compression PE Fittings ( diam.½-4”) ISO, Saddle Clamps- Ductile, CI & Plastic 

  • Ball Valves w/ Lockwing -Intelli, Excel, GV, Toho,  CIM, Kitz, SAFETY VALVES

  • Angle Meter Valves -1/2x3/4, 3/4x3/4, PADLOCKS with one key pattern

  • Butterfly Valves- Manual and Gear Type, Flange Type, 

  • Float Valves  Foot Valves, Pressure Red. Valves, Pressure Gauge, Balancing Valves

  • FAUCETS : Brass & Plastic ( Hose Bibb, Plain),  Wye Strainers, Flexible Coupling    


  • PVC Pipes & PPR Pipes & Fittings – Nation, Eslon, Atlanta, Moldex, Neltex  
  • HDPE PIPES  and Fittings ISO/ CTS – Lamtex, Atlanta , Moldex

  • Sleeve Type Coupling  for uPVC Pipes, Valve Box Cover, CI Fittings  for PVC Pipes- mechanical type

  • Brass St. Coupling- ISO, CTS, Corpo Stops . Brass Union Coupling                   

  • Gate Valves ( Flange/ Mechanical) - Brass, Ductile , CI,  Residential  Hydrants
  • Check Valves - Brass, Cast Iron, GV , Dayo, Falcon, Toya, Kitz

  • LEAD SEALS and Magnet Wires ,  Air Release Valves  , Teflon tapes

  • CHLORINATORS - Chemtech  CHLORINE - ( CaOCl & NaOCl ) Hi Chlon / Aquafit

  • GI and BI Pipes & Fittings  – Sched 40,  Seamless, Stainless, China, Mech-US France Coupling , BI Flanges  ,

  • CI Sanitary Pipes/Fittings , C-Purlins

  • TOOLS- Rigid, Stanley, Concrete Cutter, Boysen Paints, Paint Brush, Sandpapers

  • Solvent Cement, GI Wires, CW / Concrete Nails , Nuts & Bolts ( Stainless, GI ) Junction Box

  • ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES – Philflex Wires THHN, THW, Sub Pumps & Cables,  War ning / Caution  Tapes, 

  • FABRICATION : GI Nipples S40 standard, LS II, Ord, Super, Stainless           

  • TRICONE BUTTON BIT,  MILL TOOTH,  COLORSTEEL, Honda Generators, Harris Welding Mach 

  • Mowers, Plastic Water & Septic Tanks     FABRICATION : GI, SS  Nipples S40 standard, : Direct importer, water meter supplier in the Philippines

Company Profile:


Excel Worldwide Marketing Corporation is a 100% Filipino – owned corporation. The company from its humble beginnings existed for Eighteen (18) years as Friends Builders Supply, and seven (7) years as corporation. The corporation was established in December 13, 2002.


In 2003, the corporation directly imported from China various products:

i.e. Excel Water Meters, Flowmeters, Brass Fitting, PPB Compression Fitting, PE saddle Clamps. In 2004, Excel Water Meter was accredited by Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) for distribution to various water district nationwide.




Direct importer, water meter supplier in the Philippines

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